About Us

A Little About Us

Our own cyberspace to share, be informed about what is buzzing around!! Sri Lanka’s first-ever geographical virtual cyber community proudly from NEGOMBO!

Negombo the city that boasts a serene beach, picturesque hotels, trending restaurants, clothing, and all sort of high-end stores to pizza joints, mind-blowing events every weekend like no other city in Sri Lanka.

But what do we lack as a community?

A linkage! and Clique’ Negombo presents a platform to you Negombians to share, read, and be informed about what is trending in our city, and clique’ Negombo intends to become a portal for two way information and many more good things ahead 😉

With Sri Lanka facing a twin-decade war is hard and fast ready for a boom in the tourism industry it is our responsibility that we make Negombo heard for the entire global web community.

So join with us to be Sri Lanka’s first-ever virtual cyber community and show the world what Negombo is all about.

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